The ATV Adventure Tour

The Tour includes 4 Stops. See details below
FREE Drop off and PickUp Service
Adult Ticket: $175.00 | Kids: $140.00 (Maximum 10 Persons)

Stop #1 St Margaret's Anglican Church

Guests can bask in the history of one of the oldest churches in the country which was constructed in April 1848. This beautiful, quaint church was well maintained so it remains an active place of worship today.

Stop #2 Pompey Square and Jail

This historic jail once housed slaves to be auctioned in the square to the highest bidder. The slaves killed their slave master and fled to Nassau where they were later captured and shipped back to Pompey Jail.

Stop #3 The Caves

Explore a natural cave that once served as a safe haven for locals from bad weather and pirates to hide their treasure. At this rest stop, guests get to indulge in a local baked treat to be washed down with a freshly barked coconut.

Stop #4 Coco Plum Beach

Exuma's beaches are so incredibly beautiful with crystal clear waters, that NASA astronauts have described them as one of the most recognizable places on the planet from outer space. Guests ride off trail road to Coco Plum Beach to experience true paradise with fine white sand and fresh sea air.